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Notice every Centimeter of motion accounted for. Find a small glitch in the swim stroke and begin training it immediately. Use of our isokinetics guarantees the resistance to each stroke or kick or joint strengthening movement is resisted equally and at the correct speed. If you are the swimmer you get immediate feedback. if you are, you soon realize the five inches of power you are working on would be nearly impossible to measure and strengthen in the water. And the athlete is so motivated!Not only that but the athlete is gaining the feel for the specific motion and resistance he or she will need to reach the highest levels of success of which he or she is capable. And all this maximum power training of the muscles with far less soreness means the water practice will be far less impacted and the injury risk is almost zero! You don’t have to have the computerized version to gain most of the advantages of our rotating adjustable pulley swim bench. Just get one and start using it -- you’ll be happy you did!

This loss of pressure on the water is common in swimmers, but nearly impossible to identify and fix. Just making the stroke “look” good in a lesson isn’t enough -- when the athlete goes to race he or she must be strong enough to perform the movement at race speed. When suspended on our rotating swim bench with adjustable width pulleys, you can mimmic the correct stroke, use a mirror for feedback. A coach can have an athlete work just that five inches of catch or insweep or backsweep or whip dolphin kick.  This might even be more specific training than in the water since there is feedback at every inch of the motion!

Join our bank of coaches and scientists who are working to perfect the software associated with this amazing bench. This is an adaptation of the Achiever we make for physical therapy, so we have the technology. The software needs to reflect the best efforts and needs of all of us. Feel free to call or e-mail Coach Steve Friederang and get on board. if you help out, we will give you a discount and a free set of RANGS Independent Pull Buoys.

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