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This is Swim Bench Central.

From a simple and portable Halo Bench to the most sophisticated specialized swim and  multi-sport benches in the world with almost unlimited uses, we’re the best source of information, education, and the products themselves at the best prices.

If you don’t see it here there’s a reason. If someone sells it for less, tell us and we’ll beat that price. Either way, call us; we’re here to serve you.


Compare and order the best swim bench for you.

Tropical Penguin Isokinetic Circuit Bench. Most versatile. Horizontal bar adjusts for height and stroke. Vertical bar available. Minigyms slide off and connect to walls and the floor for every exercise known to man. Comes with DVD, stroke movies for your video iPod, 2 Minigyms and quick release paddles. To See Accessories, click HERE. 1350+. Provide your own bench and start with a Minigym for just $395.

The Halo is the most portable and least expensive bench on the market. You can use surgical tubing, our Slastics (which are safer), or our isokinetic Minigym for resistance. $495. Comes with Halo for high elbow stroke, a metronome and tubing. Also add a Halo to the Tropical Penguin Bench. Just ask.

The Triton is probably the best looking bench on the market. Just for freestyle as is the and Weba due to its narrow front bar. Foot rests for stability and a little contra-lateral strength development in the hips. 1595+80 shipping.

The Weba Swim ergometer has the best computer interface with software designed by the Austrian company. $2500+ Shipping from Austria includes highly technical software.

Swim benches measure your progress and allow you to isolate both the power phases of your stroke that need help as well as the balancing muscles movements and muscles of your joints which keep them healthy. All of these benches can be used as work meters (ergometers). Even the inexpensive Halo can be converted with our isokinetic Minigyms now or in the future. And you can get a Halo for the Tropical Penguin Bench. The point is to help you buy the bench that is best for you. Please e-mail or call with any questions. We want you happy AND powerful. We want you to have strength AND balance in your joints. You can get a mirror and video from us for any of these benches, but some have obvious advantages for different application from personal tri training to teams of a thousand swimmers. Please use our expertise and integrity in answering your questions. Though we have our nmae on and hand in development of the Trop bench, we understand and believe in the applications of other benches. It’s your choice.

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