The Finis Aqua Pulse

Listen To Your Heart

Product Features:

•Custom Sound Technology: Audibly transmits heart rate utilizing high-fidelity BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY (the same as in Finis’ award-winning music SwimP3).

•Infrared Sensors: Accurately pick up heart rate from your ear lobe

•Digital Control Panel

•Volume Control

•Adjustable Time Periods: 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes

•Instantaneous Heart Rate Button

•8-Hour Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

•Durable, COMFORTABLE Goggle and Earlobe Clips

•Approximately 3.0" in Height, 1.5" in Width, and 0.5" in Depth

Pre-Order the New Aqua Pulse and get a Personal Interval Timer* FREE! AND FREE SHIPPING! AND A 30 DAY MONEY  BACK GUARANTEE.

“Listen to your heart™”  Just $139

Buy NOW!


* Act Now and you’ll get the first shipment of this amazing swim training aid and you’ll also a get a FREE Cool Gymboss™ Dryland interval timer you can wear in the weight room. Set it for circuits of sit-ups, tubing, our new Isokinetic Swim Bench, etc. Set your on vibrate or sound or both, adjust the duration and the rest. It’s a $20 Value free if you purchase the new Finis Aqua Pulse™ now. Need to know what to do on land to enhance your swimming, protect your shoulders, etc.? We’re experts -- just ask and we’ll send you ideas -- even a FREE DVD of our exercises. If you’re a coach and want a waterproof timer for a group of swimmer, you can take $20 off our already low price on the Finis Circuit Trainer.

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