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   “I've purchased various copies of your products and I like them a lot.  Your work has been an important contribution to swimming education.  I hope everything goes well for you and your family.”

Dr. Ernie Maglischo:

author of Swimming Faster NCAA Champion swim coach and one of the top physiologists in the world.


Newer Functions:

    Instant Relays. A real time saver. Did you know there are over a billion permutations in deciding medley relays for just 20 swimmers? Cool Digital Relays does it perfectly for you in seconds!

     Crazy Relays. Random workout relays to make workouts fun. Mathematically calculated to be close, but random so one swimmer may get a 300 backstroke and race someone going a 25 fly followed by someone with a 150 scull! The relays are close and each swimmer is given a goal time so everyone cheers and everyone goes all out to help the team time! Really fun!

     And a BONUS! Cool Digital Swim Meet. This stand-alone program which is temporarily included with Cool Coach 3.0 for free, divides one or more teams into the closest swim meet and then scores two ways: for place and for time improvement! Cool Digital Swim Meet makes swimming faster fun because everyone’s efforts matter. This is a really fun way to help swimmers push past pain.

•Plus many internet and other new functions built into Excel for Windows and Macs which make Cool Coach 3.0 an even better program for coaches. Even import our 4,000 Cool Digital Swim movies right into workouts or track sheets!

The world’s most comprehensive sports software.

  1. Bullet• Turns Microsoft Excel, the world’s best spreadsheet program, into the world’s best coaching program.

  2. Bullet• A million interactive customizeable workouts seconds after installing Cool Coach

  3. Bullet• Ideal and customizeable Career PlansAnnual PlansSeason Plans • Interactive Cycle Planner

  4. Bullet• Training and Competition Report Cards -- one click prints everyone’s individual report card with charts!

  5. BulletInput Hy-Tek meet results with one click.

  6. Bullet• World’s only mathematically Interactive Weekly Workout and Stroke Plans •Stress calculations on the fly.

  7. Bullet• Change Backstroke pull to whip kick and, the program computes the intervals and goals for you.

  8. Bullet• Applied Planning and Periodization

  9. Bullet• A Correlation Function to find out which of your creative ideas are working best.

  10. Bullet• Stroke functions!

  11. BulletStroke Progressions Chart (even interacts with Cool Digital Videos!)

  12. Bullet• Stroke Report Card (very motivating!)  •Stroke Drills Charts •Biomechanic movement charts

  13. Bullet• Automatic Training and meet Tracking -- The best way to motivate; the world’s best mentor besides a coach who cares.

  14. BulletNEW in 3.0! Interaction with over 5,000 Cool Digital Videos you can import right into Tracking Charts, Workouts, Report Cards, Goal Cards, and and any of the over 100 other functions!

  15. Bullet• Attendance sheets include resting pulse or anything else you want to add.

  16. BulletNEW in 3.0! Relays function computes your best free and medley relays in less than a second.

  17. BulletNEW! Crazy Relays make hundreds of fun relays by just clicking and matches the teams. This is really fun!

  18. BulletNEW! Weight Card calculates % improved, % from goal, and can incorporate our 600 Exercise Movies on C/D!

  19. Bullet• Print as big as the wall, add graphics and movies, or print the size of your notebook. Complete control.

Ideas You Can Apply This Week:

  1. Bullet• Goal Card (Change it to suit you, print, and copy). Let your swimmers “hire” you!

  2. Bullet• Stroke Report Card -- It’s nice to speak the same language as our athletes. Send them home to study their Cool Digital Video C/D’s and you’ve got a winning combination!

  3. Bullet• LIFE Calendar assists in planning more than swimming for coaches and athletes.

  4. Bullet• Team and coach budget function. Organize by values instead of by what they did last year and what parent’s groups and schools perceive their limitations to be. Put first things First!

  5. Bullet• Lesson Plans -- Plan to succeed quickly and easily.

  6. BulletNEW in 3.0! Weight sheets that calculate % from 1 rep maximum

  7. Bullet• 345 Page Manual sells by itself as a leadership book! Tons of screen shots.

  8. Bullet• Perfect on Windows and Macs and between windows and Macs. The Only truly SDIF swim program.

  9. Bullet• Exchange workouts and season plans with other coaches and swimmers and the workouts adjust for them!

  10. Bullet•Y2K Compliant. Remember we work with Microsoft’s premiere program. They are great assistant coaches!

  11. Bullet• Two minute learning curve but never outgrow Cool Coach.

  12. Bullet• On-line help, FAQ, personal contact with the authors, forums

  13. BulletEven hire the staff for personalized leadership seminars for coaches and swimmers.

  14. Bullet• Customize everything, personalize everything. It’s your team so Cool Coach is your program.

  15. BulletCreative workout set functions help you be creative and make swimming faster fun, while retaining some accountability.

  16. Bullet• Add notes, do spell checks, draw circles and arrows, add graphics, sound, movies. Save and post as HTML.

  17. Bullet• Includes Calendars, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifelong!

  18. Bullet• Chart anything in dozens of ways. Charting is simple and completely customizeable.

  19. Bullet• Print in beautiful color or clack and white.

  20. BulletCreative? Make your own functions, copy and paste some of ours. Connect with us and others on our site.

  21. Bullet• This program was built to make swimming faster fun

  22. Bullet• This program was built to make keep the coach coaching and not computing or worrying

  23. Bullet• This program was built by coaches just like you to make your lives easier and your coaching more effective.

Designed by Coach Steve Friederang

and Dr. Geoff Pilling

Cool Coach 4.0

Coming Soon


Free Upgrade If You Purchase 3.0 Now.

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