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300 Categorized Stroke Movies

Isolate each motion. Watch and learn stroke drills and land exercises, and even some principles and similarities of great Butterfly to motions of aquatic animals (thank you Sea World!). Butterfly teaching progressions, exercises, error corrections, stroke drills, and more. Above and “tracked “under water using special cameras.

Over 300 short loopable searchable movies. Find all the movies on the dolphin kick (even those by real dolphins!) Comprehensive movement by movement breakdown of the stroke; zillions of stroke drills that are fun and creative. They make you smarter, faster and better looking! (everyone’s better looking when they are confident and having fun!)

You want to have more fun? You want to swim fly faster? You even want some dryland drills and exercises to help you reach your goals? Well get this C/D. and get flying!

Better than DVD

    You can freeze any frame, play multiple movies at once for comparison and presentation, search for just that motion you want to see or show, loop and play backwards, or in slow motion, print, put them on your iPod or phone, build your own slide shows, etc.


    Some ADVANTAGES of having these videos on C/D are as numerous as you are creative, but here are some major ones for you as a coach and swimmer:

* 1. They are searchable. In less than a second, find exactly the right clip you want, showing the middle of a flip turn, or the outsweep of the whip kick  How many millions of hours of videotape do you have to go through to find that clip Johnny needs? With our three search engines, consider that problem solved!

* 2. They are loopable. Endless play means no more rewinding. Keep the clip or just part of a clip running while you talk or until your athlete gets it.

* 3. They are printable. Drag them into word processors or spreadsheets, newsletters, your web site, etc. and make up your own curriculum. Forbes Carlisle does this in training his over 200 coaches in Australia. His coaches teach  over 26,000 swimmers a month in Australia using Cool Digital Videos licensed from Tropical Penguin, with legendary success. Now you can too!

* 4. The movies use a tracking system developed by Olympic gold medalist Mike O’Brien so you can see the over 600 drills, for example, following swimmers at the best possible angle under and above water, from behind, in front, or on the side.

* 5. Play two or more movies side by side for comparison.

* 6. Make your own video slide show with movies playing in any order you wish, one a t a time or in a stream.

* 7. They play on your swimmer’s computers. Ask them five quick questions about rotation, or strtching, or body position and have them ”discover” the answers in less than five minutes at home. They can even “cheat” by calling teammates. They will be more ready than ever to concentrate on your instruction the next day. And they will

personally integrate everything you’ve taught them.

Best advancement in swimming in many years. Congratulations!  John Leonard, ASCA CEO

We use Cool Digital Swim Videos in teaching our 200 coaches. Please send us new ones you develop and thank you for licensing them to us. Forbes Carlile, First Australian to compete in the modern pentathlon, Olympic coach and owner Carlile Swim Schools

I've purchased various copies of your products and I like them a lot.  Your work has been an important contribution to swimming education.  I hope everything goes well for you and your family.

Dr. Ernie Maglischo, NCAA Champion coach; scientist, and author the Swimming Faster series