Hi Definition Video System for Swim Coaches.

Fits in Your bag.  1080p. Wheels.

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From Bag to HD Video...

in 15...


The EyeSwim changed the world.

Coaches no longer feel guilty for how little filming they do. Because swimmers now have the option of filming themselves. Any place. Any time. Improved motivation. Dramatically better coach-swimmer communication. Improved responsibility and insanely faster swimmer improvement. In fact the EyeSwim, for $79, allows over twice twice the resolution of any coach cam system for one-fifth the price! And EyeSwim is about a pound and fits in a swim bag! But every coach who orders the EyeSwim wants to know how to use it for coaching.

Introducing the EyeCoach. With a few tries you can use the HD Playsport to get the side view as you roll with the swimmer. And, this June, Panasonic is releasing a 16 megapixel waterproof camcorder with 1920X1080 full HD video. Better than that, it has a flip out monitor so the coach will be able to see what he or she is filming in the 3 inch screen. And, just as with the EyeSwim we got it to fit in your swim bag, wheels and all and less than three pounds including the camera, the battery and the six-hour memory card.

Tropical Penguin has revolutionized the swimming world. Again. EyeCoach. It’s available today.