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Cool Light Strong Aluminum. Wrist Buoy built in to force a high catch. You can’t drop your elbow!

Just $79 a set -- includes DVD video


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Team Orders discounted. Please call and let us help you.

Friederang Advanced Sprint Training Paddles

FAST Paddles

    Successful swimmers need power. Sprinters need even more.

    Modern sprinters are geniuses at reducing as much drag as possible while putting as much force on the water in less time than those over whom they are victorious.

    Our sprint paddle came to mind in watching great modern sprinters Cesar Cielo, Frederich Bousquet, and many others as they produce propulsion almost the instant their arms enter the water. Absent is the stretch and glide or catchup of one arm with the other found in most middle distance and distance swimmers. In fact, many modern sprinters keep the arm straight in the recovery and make it part of the summation that presses the propelling arm down and back. It is truly a core-based stroke. Swimmers feel their lats more than their arms as they lock the catch and drive themselves through the water.

    Through trial and error we produced a paddle that encourages and trains this powerful sprint stroke. We bent the front of the paddle to make stretching forward and gliding almost impossible. We put three inches of closed cell foam at the wrist to raise the arm in an immediate forced Early Vertical Forearm position.

    We made the paddle so oversized it requires the core to be engaged to propel the swimmer through the water. This saves shoulders since it’s literally impossible to swim flat.

    If you want to go long sets use your flat paddles. But if you want to develop power for the sprints, for relays, and to close races out this is the best tool in the world to help you do just that. Constructed from light aluminum, these paddles are bound to the wrist and middle finger. You are encouraged to warm up first, but it’s amazing how much more you feel your lats and core engaged than with normal flat paddles. Used properly and only for developing power and in combination with contra-lateral exercises, these paddles can actually help balance shoulders.

Are you a rising sprinter? Do you need more power in your stroke. Do you need to work on engaging the water quickly with a high vertical forearm? The new Friederang Advanced Sprint Paddles are for you.

Our goal was to force this type of stroke. Cielo and Bousquet actually have different recoveries, but both have the Quick Catch and core and lat-dominated stroke you see with our new patented bent paddles. There will be three sizes. Pre-order and get the DVD free. Temporary video courtesy of Universal Sports for educational purposes only.

Benefits Of FAST Paddles

  1. BulletBuilds power quickly by preventing slide and glide strokes. It’s all power baby. Catch and go!

  2. BulletForces your arm into a high elbow catch immediately on entering the water.

  3. BulletBuilds confidence – take them off and feel really fast!

  4. BulletBuild core strength. Use your back, abs, and legs to help your arms get through the water.

  5. BulletSee amazing results in as little as ten laps a day.

  6. BulletAluminum construction allows for customized front bend.

  7. BulletFree DVD with creative uses of the FAST Paddle and land strengthening exercises (while supplies last).

  8. Bullet FREE LIFETIME Strap Replacement and tech support.

FAST Now Comes in 3 Sizes

      Our Large FAST paddles give you the absolute top challenge and a true feeling of invincibility. When it’s time to develop more tempo, go to our medium-sized FAST Paddles. At Taper, maintain your rhythm and sprint stroke with the smaller FAST paddles.

    For those who need to learn the rhythm of sprinting or just to improve your power for other events, use our smallest model first and work your way up. Ask you local swim supplier -- they’re from Tropical Penguin and made in America.

FAST Sprint Paddles are Patent Pending and Trademarked by Steve Friederang Tropical Penguin™.