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Create Space; Perfect Your Turns; Build power!

Just $1495-1795

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KIRBY Turnmaster Pro

   Turnmaster Pro

Features of Turnmaster Pro

•Streamlined design preventing drag through the water and extend seamlessly across pool lanes

•It is built using Vinyl Ester chlorine resistant fibreglass

•An incredibly stable temporary wall to push off from

•Withstanding the impact of race speeds

•Creating a distinction between teaching and training areas

•Transforming swimming pools in any length for short course training

•Available in several sizes to suit any pool lane width or can be built to specific requirements

Benefits of employing Turnmaster Pro

•Maximizing lane space use and profitability

•Perfecting the all-important tumble turn (a vital race skill determining the difference between winning and losing)

2.0 & 2.15

2.35 & 2.50

Endorsement of Turnmaster Pro by the British Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association

On 30 April 2008, the British Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (BSCTA) have signed a partnership agreement with Kirby Swim UK & Europe becoming a retailer of the Turnmaster Pro. Visit the BSCTA website (
www.bacta.com) for the details of this endorsement.

Installation of Turnmaster Pro

A removable attachment enables the Turnmaster Pro to be used across the entire width of any pool
It can be clipped anywhere along a standard anti-wave and wire cable lane rope
Installation can be done by one person in 2 minutes or by 2 people in half that time
The wheels on the base of the Turnmaster Pro make it easy to take it to the storage area

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