“Tomorrow is Today”

  1.     What’s Great about the Lanegainer Halo Swim Bench? It’s the best price point of any bench on the market. At only 499, you get the only bench on the market that folds down and up in seconds, The Halo system is designed to habituate your high vertical forearm so essential to a great stroke. You get surgical tubing and handles as well as a metronome. The Halo Bench is also the only bench with a slide out head rest. If you want to use the advantages of isokinetics you can add our minigyms. Just call 800.999.0824 to order exactly what you need. PRICE: $499


Lanegainer: Halo Swim System


Other Lanegainer™ products for swimming and triathlon

•D-Balls -- soft med balls for throwing


•Handle Kit

•Tubing Paddle Link for pen handed pulling

•Jump Start

•Sport Vectors


    •The Stick

    •Stretch Step

    •Torso Twister


    •Watersnake Swim Belt


    Ask for a discount on the new KICKER machine by Tropical Penguin too! Adding a lower body core exercise makes a great combination for any freestyle swimmer, triathlete, or just for those who want a swimmer’s body.

    Order today by calling 800.999.0824 or order on-line. If you need a machine for all four strokes that adjusts to the width of your stroke and provides perfect resistance and a computerized readout, check out the Tropical Penguin Swim Bench. Yes, you can add a Halo to our isokinetic bench with a metronome and tubing for just $99.