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SWIMMING and other sports that require explosive power

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Build power and endurance fast using the principle of plyometrics. For Legs, core and upper body (shown in this video). Incredibly versatile for home or team use. Worth every penny.

Lifetime warranty and DVD included.

Plyotramp: $519

Plyotramp Total Package: $989

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The PlyoTramp

    This video is an actual coaching session with two swimmers. The girl using the plyotramp dropped her fifty free time from 28.4 to 24 in three months. She came to our team as good overall athlete, but we gave her much more specific strength and power exercises. Many people think you can just work on stroke, but a great stroke without power just doesn’t exist.

    The Plyotramp can be used for leg work, of course, but the real genius of it is the ability to adjust it to any angle. The swimmer in the background had worked with the one using the Plyotramp once a week with medicine ball throws, but they were giving each other far too much rest in between throws and, of course, it took two people to perform the exercises. The Plyotramp allows fast plyometric work which build muscle, coordination and great endurance at the same time. There are others on the market but this one will take years of abuse and they simply won’t. Though not shown in action, notice the bar on the top for stability when working on leg power. We like it because it’s far better on the knees of swimmers, triathletes and other athletes and people just striving to get fit.

The swimmer in the background is working on her forearms and hands as one of a couple hundred isokinetic exercises on our Swim Bench, also vastly superior to anything on the market and, in the foreground is our KICKER which develops power in the hip joints in a way no other machine ever invented ever has. Click their names to navigate to their pages on this site.

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Plyotramp Total Package: Includes: 1 – Plyotramp w/ spring cover. 1 – Medicine ball rack attached to the Plyotramp. 1 – set of Medicine balls 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, & 15 lbs. each.