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   You strap a belt around your waist and pull weights up the Rack as you swim. Simple. But it’s very specific.  It’s been used by thousands of swimmers and hundreds of team around the globe. Dara Torres tried to get one shipped to Bejing for training at the Games in 2008. Every university worth it’s chlorine has at least one of these and also the Power Towers and our swim bench too. Why? Because specific training WITH accountability so you can be progressive is not only in line with the principles of exercise physiology, but is also fun and motivating.

To get an idea how one great high school coach has found success with the Rack, click HERE.

The video above has a mistake, however. For safety reasons, put your belt on when you are already in the water. We showed you how to put the belt on above so you can see how it works. If only we had an underwater camera system like THIS one. (:

Specific Power Training In the Water.


A Lineup of Power Racks at the Air Force Academy. Thousands in use around the world.

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