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SPECIALIZED Dryland Swim Circuit

The World’s most effective, specific, and comprehensive Swim Circuit!

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The “SAID” Principle, that is, Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands, extends not only to the correct movements but to the correct speed and force of movement. Kettle Bells and bench press have their place in the training regimen of a swimmer and to plyometric jumps, etc. This page shows very specialized exercises at swimming speed with maximum resistance. It’s nearly impossible to do these exercises without our isokinetic equipment. Call 800.999.0824 with any questions, to plan your dryland training room, or to get this equipment delivered to you asap.

Can we get even more specialized? Yes. Examples from our DVD using our equipment and others follow:

  1. 1.EVF

  2. 2.Breaststroke Whip Kick

  3. 3.Butterfly Power Insweep

  4. 4.Backstroke Recovery

  5. 5.Proactive shoulder balancing

  6. 6.Proactive Knee Joint Balancing

  7. 7.Starts

Resistance on both the up and down motions of the kick. Use different numbers and resistance of Slastics.

The least specific of the group here, this is an example of a core strengthening exercise at full speed. Once strong enough with this progress to flutter kick or straight leg raises

We used to use surgical tubing but it bounces back and doesn’t adapt to the speed and power the swimmer uses and it isn’t measured. This is the best dryland whip kick exercise in the world.

A great core builder; this is one example of how to use the Plyotramp for core and arm building. To get more specific throw med balls down from a bench or two arm throw from a distance.

Isolating not only the triceps but the muscles that contract forcefully and very fast. If you did this with a pulley it would bounce back and provide less resistance at the end than the beginning. This adapts.

Feedback is key to success and motivation. See the movie, see your stoke, see your power output, hear the coach and feel the resistance -- all at the same time!

Slow squats make you good at slow squats. The Leaper makes you great at jumping, whip kick, pushes off the walls and core power too.

Only a swim coach would have thought of this.

Core rotation essential to vertical axis strokes. Triceps essential to backsweep and backstroke starts.

Lateral power building for breast and fly. Rare in most weight rooms.

Advertised to be more specific to swimming than swimming when it comes to accumulating power. If you “slip” you get a low readout on the power meter. You can isolate part of the stroke or kick. This is the best use of your dryland budget -- no doubt! Far superior to a VASA because it was designed by swim coaches, starting with Doc Counsilman and progressing to the rotating `1,000 exercise bench you see here..

The Rack

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