Cool Digital Swim Meet and Crazy Relays  



Cool Digital Swim Meet:

Builds a fun close practice meet from your swimmers in seconds!

    •Turns Microsoft Excel, the world’s best spreadsheet program, into the world’s fastest random swim meet.

    •Fun for those competing, fun for the coach and fun for those watching.

    •USE ANY EVENTS: If it can be measured from push-ups to T-shirt races to 300 breaststroke -- if it has a number Cool Digital swim meet can use it.

    •Random choices by the computer end up with a very close race for points. Every race every swim counts.

    •Points are scored not only for place but for improvement from entered times! So your slowest swimmer can outscore your fastest if he or she improves more or comes closer to his or her best time! Wow, that’s motivating for everyone!

    •One button includes or excludes anyone from the meet.

    •One button changes the number of races for each swimmer.

    •One button changes the number of lanes you want to use (so have a meet for only six swimmers in tow lanes while running your normal practice for the rest!

    •Update the scores at any time with one click! That’s too cool!

    •Use stroke drills, kickboards, wall push ups, sculling, stroke counts -- anything!


Cool Digital Relays and Crazy Relays:

•Cool Digital Relays are Not so crazy: find your best combinations of relays for big meets in seconds. If you have someone who is best in all four events, it now just takes seconds to find your best position for that person and everyone else for the medley relay. Simple, easy.. but, if you need some fun, keep reading!

Very Crazy: Like Cool Digital Swim Meet, randomly chooses swimmers to swim whatever “events” you enter into your base. So John might get 25 fly underwater while Mary gets 275 backstroke.

•The TOTAL time of the relays is close making every swim by everyone no matter how crazy, equally important. VERY Motivating. Oh year, there WILL be some noise!

•Teaches swimmers to keep going fast even if way ahead or way behind when they start.

•Is really fun for everyone and they have only the computer to blame for event choices.

Designed by Coach Steve Friederang

and Dr. Geoff Pilling

   “I've purchased various copies of your products and I like them a lot.  Your work has been an important contribution to swimming education.  I hope everything goes well for you and your family.”

Ernie Maglischo: Dr. Maglischo is the author of Swimming Faster and one of the top physiologists in the world.