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Strong and comfortable, they are designed anatomically to actually improve your stroke.

Just $129 including two sizes of the Slastics



    Most dryland exercises are not very specific to swimming. We specialize in providing that equipment, but this one is even unique for us. You stand on the SWEEPER and grasp the custom designed Slastics (Rubber coated with cloth far stronger than normal surgical tubing and handles. We then sweep in or out building muscles in the chest, and arms including forearms and hands. You really feel the burn if your swimming or other sports haven’t helped you balance your work on biceps and chest with contra-lateral muscles in the shoulders. The outsweep especially helps build balance in the all important shoulder joints for competitive and fitness swimmers at all levels, polo players, triathletes and many other athletes. Even very useful for re-hab and body building. be ready to see and feel results immediately as swimmers at this championship winning college do each day.

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