Only the Super II improves your explosive ability

and endurance for so many movements this much this fast!

What is a Super II and what are isokinetics?

Here’s the the challenge of every sport where power is involved:

    If you need to throw a ball fast or a long way, if you need to run fast, if you need to slam dunk or swim fast, you can’t get there by lifting weights in a normal gym. Free weights and most exercise machines are too slow or too dangerous to be used at the speeds you will need to perform well in sports, to prehab or rehab injuries, etc.

Along came isokinetics devices invented by Dr. James E. Councilman and Glen Henson, the company founder and President of Minigym.

    The Leaper helps Professional, college, and pro basketball players, for example, jump up to six inches higher in weeks! You can’t improve that much by doing squats. Of course many athletes need more than legs, so this Super II device can be set up with included and additional wall and floor and bench brackets to improve the power and endurance of almost every movement at every joint. The ones Mark Spitz used when he won all those golds were great. This one’s far greater with new technology added such as a digital readout and much improved longevity. It’s tough enough for professional and college teams and perfectly suitable for children and rehab patients because it adapts to whatever stress you give it. Work perfectly, work at the speed you will need work the entire range of motion optimally, and improve to your perfect level of power and fitness more quickly than any other way. Use the Super II minigym.

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