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Swim Bench

Teach, Learn, Drill, Gain Power, and Train on the only bench that does it all.

Hot New Headlines   Isokinetics Dramatically Improve Performance    RANGS Licensed to Finis    Tom Tenney Makes the KICKER Portable

Shop the Penguin Online Store (1-800-999-0824)      Dramatically Improved Swim Bench    RANGS Licensed to Finis    Tom Tenney Makes the Kicker Portable

Attach Your ipod or phone and Tropical Penguin’s 3,000 stroke movies or your own.

These slide off and go in storage or on the wall in one second!

Adjustable Length

Rotate to 45% for back and free, the way it ought to be! Spring-Locks flat or slides off for Breast, fly and hundreds of functional exercises.

Adjust the width of the pulleys for breast, fly, whip kick, and different swimmers in two seconds.

Lock Up or Down to stabilize your legs for upper body back or free rotation. Huge improvement over a flat bench.

Measure Power, Work, Reps, actual time under stress AND at the correct angles (no other bench can rotate and only the Halo bench can match our adjustment width for breast and fly pull).

Minigym invented the Leaper too. Our isokinetics went to space with NASA. Swimmers have used our swim bench since Mark Spitz in 1968. To be fast you have to train fast. To swim correctly you have to exercise correctly. Modernized by Coach Steve Friederang.

Extra Wide Adjusting Pulley Bar Now available for very tall swimmers

Team and ASCA Coach Discounts

Digital Readout on 190 Bench. Measures power, strokes, work, time

Graphing readout for every inch of each stroke or kick and Cool Coach software interface in beta Testing. Call with ideas.

CLICK THE GRAPH FOR MOREIsokinetic_Advantages.html

Swim Bench 101


Swim Bench 190


Rotation Option


Extra Minigym for front plate


Extra wide Horizontal Bar for very tall swimmers


Finis Breakproof Mirror $115

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