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You need this if you coach. You need it if you swim.


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   We haven’t had time to video the new camera, but it’s even better than this one! It’s smaller and has a wider filed of view. I even use it right in the same lane while filming film turns. The pole snaps on the rolling cart which is ESSENTIAL for filming on the side while the swimmer swims. But now the pole has a top mount and operates with your camcorder independently too. You need both. The other good news? it’s cheaper. You get the whole system for only $495. Charge for private lessons and make it back in weeks. I charge $100 an hour and give my students a DVD with a voiceover. So the PowerCam can be the beginning of a nice income for you.

As a coach, I delegate filming so I can coach. The cart makes that simple. You’ll notice I show that anyone can do this in the movie above.

You can also buy an extension cable and place the camera on the bottom of the pool or wirelessly transmit to a DVR. No team should be without underwater filming on a weekly basis. And this PowerCam is the best!

Click HERE to hear coach Mario, who coached Cesar Cielo, talk about his use of the PowerCam.


Coach Steve Friederang

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