“Tomorrow is Today”


A Clinic on Digital DVD Video

with Dr. Alan Goldberg

In cooperation with Coach Steve Friederang

and the Tropical Penguin Human Performance Division

Slip these One-Hour DVD's into any computer or home player and experience a full clinic as often as you wish, whenever you would like. This is not just a lecture by a top sports psychologist, it's a model of interaction that will benefit any coach, swimmer, or parent. You’ll laugh, you’ll say that’s me! You’ll build your most powerful swimming muscle: Your Mind!

"Swimming in meets is 10% physical and 90% mental."

    Dr. Goldberg quotes a swimmer who won 7 Olympic Gold medals in one Olympics, Mark Spitz. Mark should know after freezing mentally four years earlier. "Dr. G" is an expert educator and a top "slump buster".

    Coaches, you'll find yourself and those you work with laughing out loud and nodding your head! Whether you are training your staff,  the parents of your swimmers at all levels,  or your swimmers themselves,  you will use these model interactions and mental muscle building games again and again. Each DVD is over an hour long and you can navigate to any chapter in a second!

• Introduction

• Which Road?

• The Great "Why"

• Kristine's Choice

• Me...Mental?

• The Power of Imagination

• The Origin of Nervousness

• Dan's Story

• Jim's Choice

• When races Are Won and Lost

• Why the Best Are the Best

• Sheela's Story

• Concentration

• Working Hard Versus Trying Hard

• The Gas Versus The Brake Pedal

• Focus Determines Outcome

• Comfort

• Don't "Don't"

• Tribes

• Dan's Story

• Poison

• The Inverted "U"

• Where Does It Come From?

• The Potentially Deadly "UC's"

• Controlling Your Eyes and Ears

Reading Your Nervousness

• Parenting I

• Alan's Intro Interview

• Concentration

• Catch the Right Idea

• Right Column Versus Left

• Stay In the Experience

• Parenting II

• Redefine Competition

• Crissy's Story

• The Swimmer's Role

• The Coach's Role

• The Parent's Role

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 9

• Echo

• Guided Imagery

• Count the Squares

• 4:58

• Brothers

Volume 8

• Eating Elephants

• Developing Confidence

• Don't Compare

• Last Minute Doubt

• Focus on Feel

• The Counting Drill

• Crissy's Story

• Drift; But Come Back!

• Cue

• What Would YOU do?

Volume 4

Volume 10