Torrent Swim Trainer™

Computerized towing and resistive device

Measures, graphs and displays in real time a swimmer’s Distance, Time, Speed, Power, Thrust, Peak Speed, Peak Power, and Stall Force (maximum thrust) over any distance up to 50 meters. Call 951.898.0007 or 800.999.0824 for more information.

Turns any facility into a world class laboratory and training center.

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Torrent Trainer$9,799

The Torrent E-Rack Electronic Swim Power Trainer is a pool side resistance/assistance trainer designed to provide researchers a method of studying swimming performance, and swim coaches a simple and reliable method to resist and assist train swimmers, determine the most effective training protocols, and evaluate the progress of a resist or assist trained swimmer. It makes it easy to determine the maximum and minimum speed during a stroke, the number of strokes, strokes per meter, meters per stroke, power in watts per stroke and acceleration with each stroke. When power is plotted against strokes and peak power is plotted against unresisted peak speed it is possible to compare the performance of a swimmer to the performance of the fastest swimmers and help coaches evaluate performance and determine the most appropriate training protocol for improving strength or speed.

Individual lap and training session data are easily saved to a word document and also to an Excel file for synchronizing with Dartfish Video Analysis Software (www.dartfish.com) so that complete stroke by stroke analysis can be done. A photo strobe hot shoe is built in for synchronizing data with video. Because of the unique design of the Torrent E-Rack Electronic Swim Power Trainer, in addition to the program modes supplied, custom programs can be written by the manufacturer to accomplish almost any imaginable swim training protocol for any level of experience or expertise. These features are built into a rugged stainless steel enclosure and make the Torrent™ E-Rack™ Electronic Swim Power Trainer™ the most powerful and versatile swimmer training device ever built.

Speed Analyzer$2,899