Virtual Trainer

Pacing and Training System

Includes software controllers from your Laptop or Smart Phone

Up to 6 swimmers for 8 lanes -- any  length  pool

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The Myrtha Pools Virtual Trainer by Aqvatech Engineering is an innovative patented

wireless system used to monitor and pace the performances of swimmers during training.

The system controls an led strip that runs along the whole length of the pool and is waterproofed by a sheath. The strip can be placed either on the pool floor or on the water surface along the floating lane line. At the beginning of the training session the strip receives programmed impulses that progressively switch on the led lights according to a previously established time and for a specific number of laps. The athlete’s point of reference is the constant light flow and he can easily check whether his rhythm is in line with his program or if he is too slow or to fast. The perception approximation is less than half a second and the led intensity allows for perfect

visibility in any light condition. Call for more information: 800.999.0824

The working principle is based on the possibility to program the system wireless with a remote control, a laptop included in the Virtual Trainer supply or a Smartphone. Any type of program or training rhythm, also with different speeds, can be stored and sent to the led circuit. The Virtual Trainer contains a number of pre-installed training programs. Additional or personalized programs that meet the swimmer’s physical features or goals can be manually stored in the laptop or Smartphone through the available applications. Programming via laptop or Smartphone can also be made online. The led strip is waterproof and it has been tested up to 25 bar pressure in a hyperbaric chamber.

Technical features

The system can be fed by electricity or batteries (lasting for more than 5 hours).

Different led strip lengths are available for 25 and 50 m swimming pools. Different lengths are available on demand/upon request.

The Virtual Trainer can manage programs for eight lane lines with six swimmers each lane. A different color is selected for each swimmer. The system contains applications such as countdown and backstroke delay, which can be

highly personalized. Two types of led strips are available: the multicolor type, with six different colors and suitable for six swimmers in the same lane, and the one-color type for swimmers that usually train alone.

The led circuit is only 2.5 mm thick and it does not interfere with cleaning robots when it is placed on the pool floor.

Virtual Trainer

*The price includes controller designed for 8 lines, modem, netbook with a preinstalled software for wifi

management of training (1swimmer per line), 1 Red LED strip, weigths for temporary installation

Model Length Price

Virtual Trainer Kit Multicolor movable version PC**    50m 15.750 US $21442.73

Virtual Trainer Kit Multicolor movable version PC** 25m 10.800 Û US $14909.30

Virtual Trainer Kit Monocolor movable version PC* 50m 12.600 Û US $21442.73

Virtual Trainer Kit Monocolor movable version PC* 25m 9.225 Û  US $12735.03

Virtual Trainer Kit Multicolor fix version PC**  50m 14.850 Û  US $20431.27

Virtual Trainer Kit Multicolor fix version PC**  25m 9.900 Û  US $13.66.96

Virtual Trainer Kit Monocolor fix version PC* 50m 11.700 Û US $16151.74

Virtual Trainer Kit Monocolor fix version PC*  25m 8.325 Û  US $11,492.59

Lane Line 50m 4.950 Û  US $6833.43

Lane Line 25m 3.375 Û  US $4659.06

**The price includes controller designed for 8 lines, modem, netbook with a pre-installed software for wifi management of training (up to 6 swimmers per line), 1 Multicolor LED strip, weights for temporary installation