What’s Great about the Triton? The bars in the middeel force your elbow to stay high. The paddle flies back so your shoulder isn’t stressed on the recovery phase. The legs are held in position. The price is right! Oh, and it’s fun!

Practice does not make perfect in swimming. Only perfect makes perfect.

The Triton is to swimming what a treadmill is to running. And so, efficient freestyle swim training can now be accomplished in a 'totally dry' home or health club setting. For any swimmer or triathlete, swimming is a matter of proper technique and endurance; understanding how to move your body correctly and then practicing it over and over until it becomes habit. Practicing proper swim form is the key to becoming a capable and competitive swimmer. The Triton was designed with that in mind and encourages those using it to execute a correct freestyle swim stroke. It allows swim athletes to customize their freestyle stroke paths to replicate exactly how arms move through the water during pool workouts or competition, thus taking dryland to a much higher level of neuromuscular and training benefit. A perfect swim coaching device.

You can accomplish precision stroke work in water and also now on land with the Triton. As a result, if your normal training log reflects 6000 yds in weekly pool workouts and you supplement with an additional 2000 yds on the Triton (view sample workouts), your performances and swim fitness will reflect the combined 8000 yds. of total training.


 “Triton Swim Trainer: A dryland swim trainer that emphasizes accurate swimming technique. Forces your hands to replicate an ideal swim stroke.  A superb learning tool for youngsters and triathletes alike.” 
- Los Angeles Times Review

The Triton Swim Trainer allows me to put in extra yardage between pool workouts.  I can reach my daily target without training exclusively in the water
- Ron Karnaugh, U.S. Olympian, Five-Tome US National Champion

I’m new to triathlons but already found that the local pool chlorine level triggers my allergies which have me wheezing and teary eyed the entire next day.  Having a Triton now helps me get a swim workout while skipping one pool visit per week.
Brian B.-  Santa Rosa, Ca  

I’ve had chronic shoulder pain over the last few years.  My new Triton has already helped me relieve some of it because I can adjust the tension of the stroke to a very light setting. This allows me to practice swimming longer with less stress on my shoulder. It works.
Joe F. -  Maplewood, NJ  

My husband comes up from the basement soaking wet from his Triton workout as though he just got out of the pool  :)
Yvette D. – Cooperstown, NY  

Unlike my old Vasa,  I can train for the relaxed recovery above the water line  without the paddle and string on my hand.  I like that Triton feature as it’s more comfortable.  I’m also able to build strength along my exact swim line on the Triton.  This had helped me progress as a more efficient swimmer.
Kathy N.  – Boston, Ma.  

The Triton is the only machine which allows me to practice my kicks. I really like the kick sets against the tension bands which really strengthened my hammies and hip flexors. My calves don’t seize up on me in Masters class anymore during sprint sets.
John S. -  Orlando, Fl.

Now I’ve got the complete tri training set-up in my basement, I’m a much happier man.
Steve C.  Atlanta, Ga. 

Having a Triton allows me to feel that exact swim-bike transition feel from my home.  I’ll swim for just 10 minutes on the Triton which is enough to pump up my arms.  Then get on my bike to feel the energy transfer from arms to legs which makes it very sports specific muscle training for triathletes.    
Bill K. -  Chatham, NJ  

After 20 years out of the sport (the Bud Light series days!),  I’m back in action and ready to podium in the 50+.  Now that I can swim fifteen minutes straight on my Triton Swim Trainer,  I am confident about my swim in the upcoming sprint triathlons.        
Ben A.  -  South Orange, NJ

With my limited free time with family, I stay fit for swimming just by using the Triton at home during the winter months. It’s amazing how quickly I get right back up to pool workout speed in the spring before the start of tri season.    
Anthony P -   West Orange, NJ   

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•Proper hand-entry positioning

•Transition from relaxed hand to strong catch

•High-Elbow start to each stroke

•Custom Stroke Path set in place

•Alternate arm rotation without hand-attached paddles or straps

•Bilateral, efficient strokes executing full range of motion

•Relaxed high elbow recovery before next stroke

PRICE: $1695

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