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Tropical Penguin is guided by the passionate pursuit of quality design and practical solutions for swimmers and those who care for them. We utilize a vast array of skills and the multiple disciplines of our team to serve our clients in the areas of strategic planning, team and athlete-by-athlete training, and environmental design. Our expertise and services encompass groundbreaking and award winning way to swim happier, stronger, and faster from your first float to your last breath.

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September 20, 2010

Our new Backstroke Paddles are ready! Order them for yourself, your team, or your swim supply store by calling 951.898.0007.

Work For Us: We need a programmer who possesses an intimate knowledge of swimming to join our Cool Coach 4.0 upgrade team.

Tropical Penguin Corp.

2724 cape drive

corona, ca  92882

United States

  1. p. 951.898.0007

  1. f. 951.371.8776

Toll free 800.999.0824

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Isokinetics accommodate at each centimeter of movement, allowing 100% effort and improvement in each practice. There simply is no faster way to gain the power and endurance to swim faster. We are connected to the same company who designed this for Doc Counsilman and Mark Spitz and we are the same company who wrote the best software in sports, Cool Coach and over 3,000 instructional movies for swimmers, coaches and university level instructors.

Our advantages include but aren’t limited to the ability to take off our isokinetics and put them on the wall or floor for every exercise known to man. This is the only rotating swim bench and the only one with adjustable pulleys for breast, fly, and whip kick and to adapt to every size of swimmer. Add our mirror, add our videos on your iPod or phone, add our cadence tapes and metronome or a Halo. Or build a whole weight room adding our new Leaper. Our newest swim bench will also wirelessly project each movement to your PC or Mac and integrate with our software or anyone else’s. All of our benches come with a front plate for kicking and you can get straps for full speed safe whip kick, leg extensions and curls, a squat bar, etc. If you want to win as a swimmer or as a coach, this swim bench is a requirement. Type “Swim Bench” into Youtube and compare and contrast. Our isos start at $295. Our benches start at 1190.

Benjamin Franklin invented the paddle. Flip Darr popularized it for modern competitive swimming. Now Steve Friederang has worked with many coaches to customize paddles for each event and in some cases, swimmer by swimmer. On the left are Friederang Advanced Sprinter’s Training (FAST) paddles. FAST paddles bent at the front to prevent gliding and three huge sizes to force full body rotation. Our new Backstroke paddles are releasing this week and force body rotation and a bent elbow push. They also require your fingers and wrists to gain power and muscular endurance.

Sprinter? Get these

Amazing Swim Bench

Win Underwater

Build Strong Legs

Best Swim Software

Smarter Pull Buoys

No other way!

Better Starts

Racks, Cameras, more

3,000 short movies

From Hoops to Nuts!




Improve your Dolphin!

Portable Hoops

The SwimSense Performance Monitor
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