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Strong and comfortable, they are designed anatomically to actually improve your stroke.

Just $49


RANGS Independent Pull Buoys -- A smarter Pull Buoy!

    Rangs are easy to use. They don’t fall off. But, even better, the help you develop your upper body at the right angle with perfect rotation while your learning, and when you get very competitive in swimming and triathlon. Wrap a uoy around your leg with the Foam pad either on the front or back. Get it nice and tight and it won’t slip or fall off and the compression feels GREAT! No more knock knees; no more sloppy push offs when training in pools. This is surely a smarter pull buoy.

For coaches:

  1. If you’ve got swimmers who bend their knees, place the Rangs on the back of the knees and they will instantly kick from the hips.

  2. All sort of creative placement can be done to find the perfect center of buoyancy.



Why RANGS are better:

        • Develop a strong enduring upper body without sacrificing your rhythm.

• Focus on pulling, not on holding your thighs together. Focus on snapping your turns, not on retrieving your pull buoy.

• Use Independent Pull Buoys in all four strokes.

• Easier on your shoulders because Rangs are anatomically shaped and encourage long axis rotation.

• Rangs allow you to continue developing core strength and endurance as you pull -- using your legs to balance.

• Advantages in teaching too: used at the knee RANGS force flyers to use the hips, discouraging bent knees on the upkick; used in backstroke RANGS literally throw you into proper rotation.

• Adjustable up and down the leg to customize for different body types. • Encourages front-end swimming in all four strokes. Place the foam on either the front or back of the thigh. RANGS conform to each body. Adult and child sizes.

• Perfect for senior swimmers, triathletes, masters, age groupers (small sizes Now available), fitness swimmers, polo, professional lifesaving applications and even professionally supervised lessons. Rangs are a training aid, NOT a lifesaving device.

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