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Welcome to The Tropical Penguin Store                CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE INFO!

A fantastic way to empower your core and build dolphin kick for winning the fifth stroke -- the underwaters!  Wonder which one is right for you? Call us.

You can choose from our wide range of weighted hoops, including special limited edition hoops, convenient travel hoops and our deluxe beginner's set.


Deluxe Hoopnotica Fitness Starter Kit

Price: USD $84.99

Get absolutely everything you need to learn the entire Beginning Hoopnotic® Hoopdance Curriculum and SAVE!

The Deluxe Hoopnotica® Starter Kit includes a Fitness TravelHoop in your choice of pink & gold or blue & silver color designs, acclaimed Beginning Level 1 & 2 DVD's, Intermediate Level 3 DVD, HoopMix Volume 1 & 2 CD's and a coordinating HoopStrap (click on Show Additional Images)! You can even choose to upgrade to a HoopTote in the drop down menu below.

Add a Limited Edition Fitness Hoop to your Starter Kit! Every Hooper needs more than 1 Hoop! Just select one of our Limited Edition Fitness Hoops from the dropdown menu below to add to your order.

Losing weight and toning your body has never been easier! Our Fitness Hoops are adult size - the perfect size and weight to make hooping easy while still challenging your body for an incredible fat blasting cardiovascular and muscle toning workout! Enjoy having fun while you exercise - great to do with friends & family. With our acclaimed instructional workout DVD's, you'll learn how to burn between 400 and 600 calories an hour, while having more fun than you thought possible!


Using Finis Products with the Power Tower and Power Rack

Give the gift of Power!

New Vid Cams

Portable and Stable

The Total Performance PowerCam Still the only rolling cart system. PowerCam now has a wireless option and includes a portable pole cam for the same price!

New Oregon Scientific mount Video cameras on swimmers!

Cool Coach 4 Coming!

What Will It Do?

Automatic interface with our 3,000 movies

New interface with our electronic swim benches, Leapers, Mini Leapers, and full isokinetic circuits

Even Cooler Interface

One Version for Mac and PC’s

More top secret stuff. Free upgrade for 2009 purchasers of Cool Coach 3.0

Using Finis Products with the “Swim Bench”

Let us count the ways!

Why Buy From The Tropical Penguin Store                 

Cool Digital Swim Movies

Search over 2,000 movies, print, etc. for your computer.

Starting at $1525

The sale only starts when you get your product

We started as a software company that offers free tech support even years after the purchase.

We are degreed and actually coach.

We’re learning all the time and were in this for as long as you are. We EXPECT you to keep in touch with us after the sale. Your career and those you influence is our mission. Call for free 800.999.0824

Talk to a Swim Expert

We’re available to answer questions and help you choose the right products, whether you’re an athlete, parent, professional coach, or administrator.

Call 1-800-999-0824.

I’m Your Assistant Coach

Build your perfect training system here even if you don’t buy anything here!                   Steve Friederang

Deluxe Hoopnotica Fitness Starter Kit 84.99